Who can benefit from Ayahuasca?

If you ask if ayahuasca can be a treatment for addicts, then you can take a close look at information through this article. So, have you ever visited ayahuascahealings.com/? Did you find something interesting on that site? You may wonder to choose retreat center instead of going to drug rehabilitation center. However, you need to ensure that your loved one is not with the following conditions when you mean to bring him or her to Ayahuasca center in Peru.

1. Heart condition
2. Have high blood pressure level
3. Epilepsy
4. Kidney condition
5. schizophrenia

While it is right that ayahuasca is a great treatment for everyone with any conditions, those who live with these conditions can be the participants since it is too risky for them. For your information, the participant should avoid pharmaceutical medicines and drugs about 30 days prior. Do you need more info? Why don’t you give us a call?

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