5 Reasons to know CBD oil

1. CBD heals brain damage from alcohol. According to a study at the University of Kentucky, the CBD changes the brain physiologically and it can repair the damage caused by acute alcoholism. The study found that CBD could reduce 48.8% of nerve damage in the entorhinal cortex. Generally, many people know that some cannabis suction can ease the hangover, but this research raised the potential of marijuana treatment to a new level. Check cbd oil review uk to learn more about it.

2. CBD effectively overcomes severe social anxiety. Many claims that marijuana eases their anxiety while others say otherwise. This is because the content of CBD in each plant is different.

A deliberate study was conducted to determine the impact of CBD on social anxiety in public speaking.

It turns out that those who were previously given a dose of CBD, their anxiety and grogginess decreased when they spoke in public.

The researchers stated that CBD has many advantages compared to other anti-depressant drugs because of its rapid effect with no addiction.

3. CBD kills cancer cells found in metastases [other organs that contribute to cancerous cells]

Researchers at California Pacific Medical Center found that CBDs kill cancer cells. The study also makes UCLA research on marijuana not causing lung cancer more interesting; Is it possible that cannabinoids alone can eliminate carcinogens found in cigarettes?

Is it true that cannabis is an actual anti-cancer drug?

4. CBD is a powerful anti-psychotic drug.

Clinical experiments in Germany found that CBD was effective in treating schizophrenia as an ordinary anti-psychotic drug with few side effects. This shows yin-yang in marijuana compounds where high-dose THC has a psychotic effect. It is the CBD that suppresses the negative nature of THC. And for this reason, the CBD is good for those who have a history of mental disorders in the family.

5. And the last one is, legal.

Yes, in some countries marijuana law has been legalized for medical purposes. They can plant, process, and even buy cannabis according to the rules set by their government. This means they have easy access to cheap drugs.

CBD can be processed into food, beverages, oil, capsules, lotions, even chewing gum. One of the reasons why marijuana in many countries is still illegal because they generalize marijuana as a plant that can make the wearer feel “high” and hence the danger to health.