Red Fruits to Cure Health Problems

Red fruits from Papua are very beneficial for health as it can offer a lot of advantages or manfaat buah merah. One of the advantages of red fruits is that it can cure several health problems manfaat buah merah, some of which are as follows:

Diabetes Mellitus (DM)

This type of disease is caused by the pancreas gland that can not produce enough insulin. As a result, the sugar content in the blood increases. The content of tocopherol in red fruit will help the pancreas work so that the function of the pancreas become normal again.


Due to bone loss, osteoporosis is generally caused by calcium deficiency in older people. Red fruit is rich in calcium, so it can prevent and help to treat osteoporosis.

Eye disorders

High Beta- carotene contained in red fruit will help overcome various types of eye disease, which is generally caused by vitamin A deficiency. Beta – carotene is a compound absorbed by the body that is processed into vitamin A.