Scratching Rigid Neck: Including Serious Conditions?

Has your neck stiffened so that it is difficult to move? This condition is called torticollis. Generally, torticollis experienced by people in old age. The rigid neck can be a non-serious condition, or vice versa is a symptom of a serious illness that should not be ignored. In general, stiffness or even pain in the neck occurs in the head area to the shoulders. Its parts include the muscles and ligaments of the neck that bind the neck bones into one. The pads (discs) that separate one spine with the other spine absorbs the pressure from motion shaking. Bones and joints of the cervical spine. In non-serious conditions, a stiff neck is caused by a minor tension in the soft tissues of the neck. These tensions can happen if you. Moving the neck suddenly makes the muscles and ligaments of the neck injured. Stress can also trigger tension in the muscles that start from the back of the head, spreading to the back of the shoulder. Using the computer for a long time with a bad sitting position. It takes first aid for you in the face of this neck pain, including by buying the best massage chairs that can help you to relax the muscles in your neck.

If after trying to treat a stiff neck at home there is no sign of improving or even worse, check your condition to the doctor to get a more appropriate treatment with the cause. The rigid neck can be a serious condition if prolonged and accompanied by other symptoms such as following high fever. Weight loss decreased dramatically. Decreased nerve coordination function, such as difficulty walking. Watering constantly. To confirm the diagnosis, an examination that includes blood tests, cerebrospinal fluid, and X-ray examination or CT scan is necessary.