The best dinosaur movies of all time

The dinosaurs are the creatures that have always tease our curiosity and imagination. The fact that they’ve been extinct since around 65 million years ago have made us wondered, how they live their lives and what will they do when they interact with humans This kind of thought has pushed so many creative movie producers and writers to make the dinosaur movies. Right now, we’d like to share with you a little list of the best dinosaur movies of all time, and you may click to watch movies online.

Here are the best dinosaur movies of all time:

#1. Jurassic Park

This is one of the finest masterpieces directed by the Steven Spielberg. The dinos and the story are all great and don’t forget the actors, they’re capable of bringing the illusion of the movie to scare the hell out of the audiences flawlessly at the time.

#2. Dinosaurs

Although it’s more like a drama, this movie made the 3D dinosaurs look very alive and the story about Aladar’s adventure is very memorable.

#3. Peter Jackson’s: King Kong

This movie isn’t exactly about dinosaurs. However, the fight scene between Kong vs multiple giant carnivorous dinosaurs are very thrilling and also memorable.