What to Do When Getting Knee Injury

When having a knee injury, the thing to do within 2-3 days of injury is, do not use knee joints because by resting the joints can have a good impact to reduce pain knee braces. Immediately stop whatever physical activity is being undertaken. Compress with ice water for 15 minutes every two hours to reduce pain due to swelling and internal bleeding.

To prevent the spread of injury and pain, knee bandage when injured. To minimise injury, you can use knee braces. Do not give hot water or balm to the injured joint. Bleeding and swelling may get worse if a massage is done on the injured area. Therefore, do not do massage on the location of injured joints.

If the injury is severe and is unlikely to heal by itself, contact your doctor or physiotherapist. Some things the doctor or physiotherapist may do on knee injuries, such as open surgery, arthroscopic surgery, and withdrawal of fluid or aspiration.