Some Uses of Nickel You Need to Know

Nickel is one of the elements that make up the core of the earth. Known as 10% of the earth’s core is formed from nickel. Because it is one of the elements forming the core of the earth, then nickel is quite difficult to find and mine. Usually, nickel mined comes from nickel solution located at sea, with a range of about 8 million tons. Then, they will be distributed by distributors, one of which you can see on, to companies in various fields.

The benefits of nickel in daily life are quite a lot; at least there are various industries that use nickel as its base material. The following are some of the uses of the nickel element:

– Materials to make coins

Usually, a country’s currency has two types, namely in paper and coin form. Currencies that have coin shapes are made using a base material mixed with nickel elements. This can make coins or commonly known as coins have a resistance to rust, and also has a shiny texture.

– Applications of nickel in the automotive world and variations

If you are a campaigner and a hobbyist with the automotive world, would have been quite familiar with nickel as one of the sweeteners of the vehicle. Regular nickel and chrome can be an additional layer material on automotive parts to be more sleek and attractive. This layer is usually in addition to prevent the appearance of rust, can also maintain the quality of part so as not quickly damaged. Some automotive parts that often apply a mixture of nickel and chrome include alloy wheel, frame, bumper, exhaust, small parts, such as footrest, brake handle and mirror, and also wire

– Ingredient to make wires

The easily formed nature of nickel makes this element can be formed into wires. The wire produced by this nickel has good resistance, and also has anti-rust properties. Usually, wires made from nickel base material are used in jet engine turbines.