Type of Depression You Should Be Watchful

Excessive stress if not treated properly can lead to depression. The most common sign is the excessive sadness that never ends and can result in suicide ayahuascahealings.com/. So do not underestimate the existence of depression. Therefore recognize the sign, if still in doubt do not ever shy and afraid to ask for help ayahuascahealings.com/.

If a person is not enthusiastic, sad and starts losing interest, his concentration decreases and has trouble sleeping for up to 2 weeks may be his major depression. There is a difference of people who are only ‘sad’ to people who suffer from major depression is the presence of negative feelings that always happen. In addition, people with major depression also experience a disorder that does not work normally with work and relationships with the surrounding areas.

Psychotic depression. These include depression with a severe type that makes the person often hallucinate. For this depression, people tend to hurt others or themselves. Even in many cases suicide. Usually, people who experience this feel if there are others who whisper to him or hallucinate. Seasonal depression, this one depression is often experienced by people who are in a country or region that have 4 seasons. Usually, people often experience depression when in winter. The researchers think if the depression arises due to lack of supply of sunlight and vitamin D deficiency in a person’s body.

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