Why Good Friday Is Bad

In a vision given to me some time in the past a line stretched out into the space. Along it was a large quantity of human beings and that they had been thickest in the center. Suddenly a vibrant light just like the solar rose from my function and arched up over the road. Where it landed at the a long way cease turned into the word EVE in big capital letters. In the center changed into NOON and there a man on a go stood high above the crowd as they reached in the direction of him. Where I stood it said EVENING.

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Important Facts About Good Friday
Important Facts About Good Friday

This turned into one in all dozens of visions given to me when I was commissioned to take God off the cross. With reminiscence of my reincarnation and passage from one lifestyles to the following it’s far given to me to recognize that God became never on a cross. The one human beings think about as God became invented by Constantine when he mounted the Roman Catholic Church in 325AD on the Council of Nicaea.

This is supported through prophecies inside the Old testament, along with this: “I even have introduced upon them in opposition to the younger men a spoiler at noonday.” Jeremiah 15:8

Best Things About Good Friday, My studies showed that men have been volunteering to die on crosses at sunrise to upward thrust with the solar and become her associates. This accompanied the realization that males are required for procreation and, consequently, fertility. Constantine modified that after he abolished the exercise of the Easter crucifixions and put up the photo of Jesus Christ. That is showed right here: Änd he exercised all of the energy of the primary beast… And deceived them… By means of the means of those miracles which he had power to do… Announcing to them that stay on this planet, that they have to make an image to the beast which had the wound via a sword, and did stay.” Revelation thirteen:12-14

The one with the wound by the sword who lived is Jesus Christ, the image placed up by way of Constantine. His decrees forcing people to worship this so-known as Son of God have survived along side those ordering dying to anybody who does not comply. “And he had energy to give existence unto the photograph of the beast, that the photo of the beast must both talk, and reason that as many as would not worship the photo of the beast ought to be killed.” Revelation thirteen:15

The Emperor built the Vatican and remained as Pontificate Maximums till his demise, That method that he and his successors ‘spoke’ for the photo until later while the first pope became appointed within the seventh CAD and took over the role. Constantine additionally altered the time of midday (previously dawn) to noon so as to avoid war with the subculture of Easter crucifixions.

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There in no way become a Jesus Christ and Jerome compiled and in part wrote the New Testament at the quit of the 4th CAD. These are historical records and he wrote in his letters of fixing the Old Testament to comply with it.

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